7 Ways To Improve Your Wills Lawyer Website’s Conversion Rate

Have you ever thought about why you actually have a website for your wills lawyers business? Remarkably, many business owners have not, and thus their website is simply ‘there’ without any purpose or objective. For most local businesses, including wills lawyers, a website should be a means of attracting new clients. It does have other functions, but that should be the main one.

Often we hear local business owners say that their website is there to help them brand themselves. That may well be one of a website’s objectives, but it should not be the only one. Branding is important, especially for larger corporations. At the local level, you have competition, and one of the ways to stay ahead of your competition, is not necessarily your branding, but to have a website that converts visitors to prospects, and helps convert those prospects to paying clients.

If you agree, but feel that your website is not converting as well as it should, then we can help you change that. If you read on, we have outlined 7 very achievable objectives which may require some actions, but if implemented, can enhance your website, and improve its conversion rate.

Create A Great First Impression: You only have one chance at this so you must get it spot on. Ensure your website presents the image of you business you want the second someone lands on it. Also make sure that everything on your site works properly and most importantly, that each page opens quickly.

Make Navigating Your Website Easy: The second a visitor to your website becomes confused, not only are they not going to proceed, most likely they will exit and try elsewhere. You must have a menu which can be seen clearly, is easy to use, and helps make each person’s visit to your website an enjoyable one.

Only Use The Highest Quality Images: Images and graphics are an essential element of any website that converts well, and any that you use must be of the highest quality. Some visitors will miss or overlook poor written content, but when it comes to photos and other images, if they are poor and unclear, it sticks out and presents a very poor impression of your business.

Tell Visitors How Your Services Will Benefit Them: If you want visitors to take steps moving them closer to employing you for one of your services, then you need to tell them about those services. Ideally you want a separate page for each one that explains what you offer, and most crucial of all, how it will benefit them.

Publish Lots Of High Quality Content On Your Website: You will read in many articles relating to how well a website converts that having great content is hugely beneficial, and the reason for this is it is true. Great content helps to inform visitors, but it also helps a prospect come to their conclusion about your reputation and professionalism, as well as building their trust too

Show Testimonials From Other Clients Who Have Benefitted From Your Services: If you have not been asking current and past clients for testimonials then you need to start. Beyond that, you should be posting these testimonials and reviews on your website to show and reassure new prospects that you are a professional wills lawyers who can be trusted to provide excellent service.

Have Crystal Clear Calls To Action: Often the reason websites do not convert is because visitors were never asked to take any action in the first place, or the call to action was vague and unclear. Regardless of what you want a prospect to do (enter an email, complete an appointment request, call your office), you must state that clearly and unambiguously on the relevant page.