Tips On Choosing A Website Theme

Choosing Right Theme

There are plenty of easy things to do on the internet, but choosing a website theme is certainly not one of them!

There are thousands of reasons to create a website, and there are just as many themes to suit your needs. It can often be daunting, as you can sift through hundreds if not thousands of different website themes. Not every template is created equally. Some themes are better suited for different genres, if you will, of websites. The worst thing to do is pick the wrong theme. We have all experienced stumbling upon a website with the worst possible theme choice before. “What in the world is your knitting blog doing within a home improvements theme?”

What makes matters worse, is that sometimes, the more themes you see the more confusing the process becomes. On top of that, if you are not a designer yourself, you have no knowledge to go off of in terms of choosing the right theme. You could rely on your web designer’s assistance, in choosing the right theme, but you also want to take matters into your own hands as you craft your webpage.

Criteria To Keep In Mind

There are several different elements of criteria you want to take into consideration when choosing a theme. By doing so, you can not only simplify the process and save yourself from excess stress, but you can also do the most important thing which of course is choosing the right theme! So what you want to do is, gauge the design of the menu bar, the home page header, and the width.


First and foremost, you want to differentiate between the full and boxed width. Essentially, full width entails the background image and whether or not it fills the entire web page. On the other hand, boxed width is when you can visibly see the beginning and end of the image in the background of your page. Both of these styles, are good for various purposes, and depending on your webpage you will want to decide which style is right for you. It is understood that a full-width style communicates an impression of endless information more easily. However, if your web page is not an endless sea of text, and is only there to serve a limited purpose, then perhaps going with a boxed width theme is more suitable. Typically, contemporary creative designs are for the most part full width. More business type websites usually go with boxed width designs.

Exceptions To The Rule

However, there are always exceptions to the rules. Going with these general rules of thumb are not always exclusively correct, and you have to make adjustments depending on your own creative style. What you will also want to figure out is which theme has the homepage header that you desire. You will have to make a judgement call as to what is appropriate for your viewership to see initially, when entering your website. That could mean a video, a picture, or some kind of slideshow.